Trauma Counselling Perth

Get trauma-informed psychological care and learn how to practice healthy coping mechanisms in a safe environment.

Key information you should know

  • Trauma often makes us feel alone as we struggle to cope with distressing thoughts and feelings.
  • You can get support with processing your trauma.
  • Many of our psychologists focus on trauma-informed therapy and can support you as you find ways to process your trauma.

Our psychology services are evidence-based and ensure you feel safe and comfortable when working through trauma.

Are you struggling with trauma?

You may be struggling with PTSD or trauma-related symptoms if you:

  • Often feel anger and sadness, with random outbursts, but you’re not sure why.
  • Experience feelings of numbness and hopelessness.
  • Have intrusive memories & thoughts, with recurring dreams or flashbacks of the traumatic event(s).
  • Experience emotional distress upon being reminded of the event(s).
  • Engage in self-destructive behaviour, such as excessive drinking.
  • Are easily frightened and always on edge.

You don’t have to process your trauma alone. Speak to one of our trauma counsellors.

There are methods and strategies that you can learn with a psychologist’s support to process and cope with a traumatic experience. Please call our friendly team at Clear Health Psychology if you’re looking for support today.

We’re here to help

125 practitioners have experience in the treatment of trauma