Relationship Issues

Learn healthier ways to manage stress, conflict and communication in your relationships.

Key information you should know

  • Experiencing some difficulties in your personal relationships is normal.
  • However, excessive stress in a relationship often means that there is a bigger issue with communication and behaviours.
  • A psychologist can help you work through relationship issues and find healthy ways to cope and communicate more effectively to better understand your needs.

Whether romantic, familial or otherwise, relationship issues can be difficult to manage on your own. Identifying the signs and seeking help is the first step to more fulfilling and respectful relationships.

What are some signs of relationship issues?

It can be tricky to differentiate between normal relationship stressors and unhealthy ones. Some signs that you are struggling in a relationship include:

  • You constantly overthink and worry a lot about what you should say to the person
  • You struggle to resolve arguments, often leaving them without a resolution
  • You can’t compromise
  • You feel constantly anxious and/or depressed when thinking about the relationship

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