Family Counselling Perth

We can help you bring awareness to issues and navigate family connections.

Key information you should know

  • Navigating family issues can be complex.
  • Seeing a family psychologist can help you to navigate challenges and connections.
  • Clear Health Psychology’s family psychologists are experienced in helping families create and strengthen their meaningful connections.

Family counselling can help strengthen family connections by bringing awareness to issues and providing skills to navigate challenges that families may face. Clear Health Psychologists that have experience in family therapy will help families be able to express thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.

Understanding how each other is feeling and the impact these feelings are having on one another can assist to address struggles, conflicts and challenges.

Seeing a family psychologist

Here at Clear Health Psychology, we have highly experienced psychologists and clinical psychologists that have a special interest in family therapy.

Our psychologists aim to create a safe environment for each family counselling session, so family members are able to explore difficult thoughts and emotions to better understand each other.

During family counselling sessions, family members have the opportunity to express individual experiences, points of views and appreciate each other’s needs with the goal of building on individual strengths.

Family members are encouraged to understand different points of view and learn strategies to implement during difficult times that can enable useful changes in their relationships and interactions with family members and other people in their lives.

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To learn more about our family counselling services in Perth, please contact Clear Health Psychology on (08) 6424 8177. We offer both face-to-face and telehealth appointments at all Clear Health Psychology clinic locations.

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28 practitioners have experience in the treatment of family counselling