Clinical Psychology Registrar
Michela is a compassionate and down-to-earth professional who brings a refreshing authenticity to her practice. With genuine warmth and understanding, she creates a welcoming environment where clients feel safe to explore their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment.

What sets Michela apart is her commitment to meeting each individual where they are, tailoring her approach to suit their unique needs and preferences. She is committed to giving you a safe, mindful, and private space where you can talk about what worries you and, as you feel more comfortable, start looking for ways to move towards your therapy goals. Michela employs a dynamic blend of therapeutic modalities, including EMDR, counselling psychology, imagery rescripting, and internal family systems with a psychodynamic tinge.

With her versatile approach, she ensures that each session is not only effective but also tailored to the unique needs and preferences of her clients. For real change to happen and take root in us, we need a place where we are met with kindness, compassion, and understanding to show how we feel without being judged, and Michela is committed to providing you with that safe space and time you need. Change that is real is not just a quick fix. Change that is real will last because it is real. It comes from the inside, which means it is not driven by outside circumstances and/or external factors, even though things outside the person often trigger the need to change.

Beyond her professional expertise, Michela is known for her empathetic nature and unwavering dedication to her clients’ well-being. She goes above and beyond to provide support, guidance, and encouragement every step of the way, empowering her clients to achieve their therapy goals and live their best lives.

Using a systemic approach and evidence-based methodologies, Michela enjoys fostering a collaborative relationship with her clients.

Trauma (EMDR)
Anxiety and Depression
Adjustment issues
Parenting and Separation
Family and Life Transitions

Michela was born in Italy and moved to Australia in 2007. She offers therapy both in English and in Italian.

Michela runs her own independent practice and engages Clear Health Psychology to provide administrative and other business services to enable her to provide assessment and treatment to his clients.

Appointment duration:  51 minutes

Sessions rates:

Individuals: $225.00 per appointment

Couples: $225.00 per appointment

Medicare rebate is available with a Mental Health Care Plan for individual appointments. 

Cancellation Policy: Please be advised that no shows or cancellations made within 24 hours notice of your scheduled appointment, will incur a late cancellation fee at the full rate of the appointment.

Cancellations made within 24-48 hours notice of your scheduled appointment, will incur a late cancellation fee, charged at 50% of the appointment fee.

There will be no late cancellation fees charged for cancellations outside of 48 hours.

Please Note: Michela does not accept appointments for clients under the age of 12 or family sessions. 

Michela Cochrane
15 Adelaide Street
Fremantle WA 6160

If online booking time is not available, please call us.