Martha Farat

Martha is a Registered Psychologist with experience in both organizational and clinical settings. She has a wide array of experiences, including working with depression and anxiety, grief and loss, trauma/PTSD, anger management, relationship issues, suicide prevention, settlement and cultural issues. She is trained in a range of therapeutic methods, including: Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)Mindfulness-based Cognitive TherapyTrauma informed practicesCultivation of emotional balance and emotional regulationClient-centred approachesRelaxation strategiesMeditation and related contemplative practicesCross- cultural approaches
She has assisted adults, adolescents and children over the years, and has worked extensively with refugees and other survivors of trauma and is experienced in working across different cultures. Martha has a calm and friendly demeanor. Experience has taught her that no two people are the same, and no intervention works for all people. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimal well-being and develop higher purpose in life.

Martha offers a holistic approach which is also reflected in her personal life. Being a yoga and meditation practitioner, she has spent around three years in India exploring ancient eastern traditions. Her professional and personal quest are deeply interwoven and related to her own journey of self-inquiry and personal development.

She has lived in Dharamsala, India where she has been studying Buddhist Psychology and Science of Mind and the Tibetan language. What she found was a very profound inner science that has been exploring the mind and its potentials for millennia. The benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices have been studied by modern neuroscience and research suggests that meditation can “rewire” the human brain via neuroplasticity . Neuroplasticity is the brains capacity to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Thus, meditation practices are valid tools to enhance our well-being.

Her main interest is in exploring the interface between contemplative sciences and Western psychology and neuroscience. She is passionate about combining eastern and western sciences and her goal is to promote human flourishing through a twofold approach: to reduce the impact of negative emotions and to enhance the positive emotions that naturally exist within us.

She is also fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and speaks intermediate Tibetan.

Martha runs her own independent practice and engages Clear Health Psychology to provide administrative and other business services to enable her to provide assessment and treatment to her clients. Appointments are for 51 minutes at a rate of $195 and can attract a Medicare rebate with a Mental Health Care Plan.
Appointments are precious and we appreciate you giving at least 24 hours notice if you can’t attend, otherwise 50% of the full fee will apply with no Medicare rebate.



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Martha Farat
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