Elisa Porter


Elisa Porter


Elisa is a registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society. Elisa is passionate about working with a range of mental health issues experienced by children, adolescents and adults. These include anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship challenges, adjustment issues, challenges with family dynamics, post-natal difficulties, parenting issues, distress associated with chronic pain conditions, work related stress, and communication issues. 

She has experience working with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, work related stress, auditory hallucinations and schizophrenia, challenges with daily living skills associated with intellectual disability, adjustment issues, relationship difficulties, attachment issues and trauma associated with neglect.

Elisa uses an integrative approach to meet clients' needs. She has training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), motivational interviewing, mindfulness, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), brief solution focused therapy, and behaviourist therapy models. She also has interests in schema therapy and psychodynamic models. Elisa seeks to create a therapeutic space which is warm, engaging, respectful, trusting and collaborative. She seeks to help and inspire clients to reflect on their experiences and to make changes which will improve their overall well being, relationships with others, and meaningful engagement in life.

Clinical experience and background

Elisa completed her Masters of Applied Psychology (Clinical Psychology) in 2018 at Murdoch University, obtained a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology in 2010 and Diploma of Education (School Psychology) in 2011 from The University of Western Australia. She has previously worked as a school psychologist, in youth counselling and in adult mental health. While most of her work has focused on individual sessions and inter-agency liaison work, she has also hosted workshops for parents using the Triple P parenting framework, workshops for staff, and has co-facilitated dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) group sessions for adults with borderline personality disorder.

Elisa's research interests include childhood obesity, perinatal depression and parent-child attachment. Most recently, her research has focused on factors contributing to maternal perinatal depression and anxiety and how this affects young children's social and emotional development.