Our Inner Selves: Navigating negative beliefs with psychology

Deep within the basements of our minds exist our core beliefs. Seeing a psychologist can help you to challenge any negative beliefs.

Core beliefs are our most prevalent beliefs about ourselves, about other people around us, and the wider world in which we live.  They are the things we hold to be absolute truths deep down; they’re behind all of our many thousands of daily “surface” thoughts. We may not consciously be aware of what they are.

Our core beliefs play a highly significant role in our interpretation of the world and our unique experiences.

These beliefs develop in younger years, and they can remain until we’ve reached the very oldest end of our lives.

How we develop our core beliefs

When our journey begins as a young person, we are making sense of the world around us. We are keen observers who take everything in. At this young age, we don’t have a lot of experience and knowledge to counteract what we are told, and the information we receive.

Sometimes, things can be interpreted in such ways that we develop negative ideas about ourselves and the world. Beliefs may be formed from your family experiences, your location, your religion, or your peers.

Here are some common core beliefs:

  • Others are more important than me.
  • I’m on the outside.
  • I must protect myself.
  • I’m not a confident person.
  • I can’t trust others.
  • I’m not as capable or as intelligent as others.

Avoid getting drawn into your negative beliefs

During life’s journey there are always bumps in the road that we must navigate, and when it comes to lower points with our mental health, it’s easy to get drawn into our negative beliefs. At these times it can be hard to see other perspectives.

And, when these beliefs are fuelling our thoughts, it can feel as though things can never change and we will never feel good about life. Of course, we can employ coping strategies, and draw on our supports, but when the next bump comes along, it can be just as impacting.

Seeking support & making a change

These beliefs are so ingrained in us, we may not even be aware of them. However, we can make a change and move forward in life, with a more positive sense of self. Identifying our beliefs, making a shift, and creating new, relevant and helpful core beliefs can allow us to build a strong sense of inner resilience.

And, when the next bump in the road is ahead, we have a greater sense of resilience and self-belief in which to cope.

See a psychologist at Clear Health Psychology

If you think you might be held back in life by negative core beliefs, talking to a counselling psychologist is a great next step. Counselling can allow you to explore your beliefs, their impact, and create helpful and relevant new beliefs.

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Denise Bendotti

Denise Bendotti is a registered psychologist at Clear Health Psychology.

She has more than 16 years of experience working as a psychologist in the public and private education sector to assess and treat issues such as anxiety, clinical perfectionism, depression, self-harm, and other concerns.

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Denise Bendotti, a registered psychologist