Movember & men’s mental health

An Interview with Clinical Psychology Registrar Dylan Kirkpatrick discussing Men’s Mental Health.

There are some very upsetting men’s mental health statistics that should encourage us all to advocate for much needed change & much greater dialogue to improve men’s mental health.

Globally, on average 1 man is dying, every minute, of every day from suicide (

What we need to remember when we often read or hear a health statistic – is that every number is representative of someone’s dad, son, grandson, uncle, best mate, husband, soul mate, brother that has lost their life to suicide.

It is time we all take more time in our life to listen & seek help from people we trust & when needed seek support from highly experienced & registered psychologists to help us all take better care & prioritise our mental health!

Today on MediTalk we are speaking with Dylan Kirkpatrick a Clinical Psychology Registrar at Clear Health Psychology to help us shine light on & talk about Men’s Mental Health in support of the wonderful health initiative – MOVEMBER.

If this interview has brought up feelings for you – please reach out for support from:
Lifeline – 13 11 14
Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636
Or speak with your GP

To learn more about Dylan visit: Movember Cause –
Lifeline –

Let’s all make our mental health a priority and reach out to support one another & start checking in with each other more & asking: ‘are you okay?’