Do you feel rested and refreshed in the morning?

How is your sleep?

How would you define “A good night’s sleep”?

This month we are looking at Sleep and Healthy Sleep Tips for a better nights rest. We will look at ways to establish some healthy sleep habits and strategies for long-term solutions to sleep difficulties.

Breathing | Focus | Sleep Environment | Sleep Routine Reducing Worry | Relaxation and Mindfulness


Sleep Tip One...

In stressful situations our breathing often changes (rate,frequency). Good breathing tells the mind there is no danger. If the mind feels there is danger it should not let you sleep.

Allow the physical to influence your mind.

Breathe deeply.


Sleep Tip Two...

Try to focus on the body resting

rather than the body sleeping.


Sleep Tip Four...

Establish a regular sleep routine, get up at the same time, even if you had trouble sleeping the night before.


Sleep Tip Three...

Avoid using electronic media such as the computer, television, smartphone, e-reader or tablet at least one to two hours before going to bed.


Sleep Tip Five...

Try not to worry about whether you are going to sleep well, or what will happen if you don't.

Sleep Tip Six...

Practice relaxation or mindfulness techniques when going to bed to help calm the mind and body, and promote rest even when you are not sleeping. Gently focusing on your breath as you breathe in and out can be a simple, helpful technique.